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Padres history: Hit leaders by position

I was looking at Chase Headley's numbers and it occurred to me that he was likely the hit leader amongst Padres third basemen. I used the Baseball-Reference Play Index Split Finder tool to see the all-time team leaderboard in hits while in the lineup as a third baseman and, sure enough, Chase is in first place right ahead of Ken Caminiti, with 661 of his 864 career hits coming as a third baseman.

With that in mind, and suddenly curious how many of Tony Gwynn's 3,141 hits came as a right fielder, I looked up each position. I jotted down the leaders for each spot and then, in case this happens to be interesting to anyone else, threw together the following graphic:

(click image to enlarge)

If nothing else, it serves to further hammer home the point that when it comes to the San Diego Padres, there's Tony Gwynn and then, miles below, there's everyone else.