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Padres prank Jedd Gyorko

The jerk store called, they're out of cups! (Am I doing this right? I'm not a Seinfeld fan.)

If you're one of those people who think the Padres' record/performance this season should disqualify them from any fun-having, then this post is not for you.

Jedd Gyorko is currently sitting on the Padres sidelines, out with plantar fasciitis for almost a month now. But even though he can't contribute on the field or at the plate, he's still providing some support for the team... in the form of humor.

During the Padres-Reds game tonight, Gyorko's teammates decided to play a prank on him. The old gum-and-cup-on-the-hat trick, or something like that. See for yourself:


He had no idea that was on his head. I'm not sure what he's making that face for, or who he's making it at, but it's hilarious considering there is a cup stuck to his hat that he doesn't know about. Mark Grant commented that they should've tried to get some water in the cup so that it spills when he puts his head down and he's like, "Where is this water coming from?" But Dick suggested that the weight of the water might give away the prank, to which Mudcat replied, "Some guys just don't get it."

Now here's Gyorko clapping, still completely unaware of the cup on his head, after Kevin Quackenbush records the final out of the inning.

The best part is seeing the other players and coaches in the dugout try to keep straight faces as they walk past him or look at him. Look at Odrisamer Despaigne trying SO hard not to laugh.

It's good seeing the team not only winning, but having some fun. As Padres fans we may not have the most to cheer about a lot of the time, but things like this are good reminders that baseball is fun and really we're all just watching a bunch of grown men playing a game.

UPDATE: Yasmani Grandal and Gyorko tweeted the following after the game...

Ahh yes. Keep it loose, boys. Like Will Venable's pants.