The Outfield Dilemma: Second Weekly Update

This post is a day late, because I was busy yesterday. In the past eight days, the Padres have had seven games, winning four of them, but it wasn't a very positive week and a day. We were no-hit by Tim Lincecum, and had yet another one-hit win, this time against former Padre, Mat Latos. The team as a whole got on base less 20% of the time, struck out 25% of the time, but still managed to score eighteen runs, three per game. Now for the outfield starters:

Smith 7

Maybin 5

Venable 4

Quentin 3

Denorfia 2

Bud did the right thing in starting Smith in all seven games, against seven righties, and did the right thing of taking out Venable after going 1-18, with six strikeouts, and no walks in the first four games. Unrelated to the outfield, but who is Irving Falu, and when we did we sign him.

Will Venable: I already mentioned what Venable did last week, 1-18, six strikeouts, well that lowered his OBP by sixteen points, to .252, but his K% only went up .7%, so that's a positive! Why is he playing at all? Why can't we just call up pitcher/outfielder Jeff Francoeur, he can't be worse, can he?

Chris Denorfia: He started two games, and pinch hit in two, getting him a total of eleven plate appearances. Denorfia got on base four time, with two singles, a walk and a double, dropping his OBP two points, to .301. He struckout four times, raising his K% 1.1% to 16.3%.

Seth Smith: Our top hitter hasn't gotten on base in the last five games, going 0-17, and struckout four times, but got on base in five of his nine tries before that with three strikeouts, putting him at 5-26, with seven strikeouts for the week. His OBP dropped twenty points to .376, which is still best on the team. He only had one extra base hit, putting his slugging for the year at .485. I mentioned his seven strikeouts, and they impacted his K% quite a bit, a whole percent, but he's still at an average 17.%., his BB% also dropped a whole percent, to a still great 13.2%.

Cameron Maybin: He got on base more then a third of the time, six out of seventeen, a double, three singles, and two walks, and he struck out twice, dropping his K% to 17.4%. His OBP has gone back up to .310, and his BB% is at the same below average 5.8% that it was two weeks ago.

Carlos Quentin: Quentin had eleven plate appearances, and had a doughnut in the hits column (but he had a walk).His OBP dropped nineteen points to .282, and his two strikeouts kept his K% at the same 18.5%. What do you guys think an AL team will give us for him?

Jake Goebbert: In nine plate appearances, as a pinch hitter and at first base, Goebbert has two hits, and one HBP, putting his career OBP at .357, in fourteen plate appearances, but he also has four strikeouts. He's young, and might benefit from getting playing time after a trade, and we should be tanking, so there's nothing wrong with letting him play.

Jeff Francoeur: In six games, Frenchy has gotten 29 at bats, and has gotten on base only six time, but through some magic PCL voodoo, raised his OBP one point, to .317. All his hits were singles, which dropped his slugging four points to .477. He also got his eighth steal of the season.

Hunter Renfroe: Hunter our lord and savior, was very disappointing this week, he had 21 plate appearances, and didn't hit one out of the park. Nevertheless, he still had three hits, one double, and two walks last week, putting his AA OBP at .220. His three strikeouts, kept his AA K% at the exact same thing it was his first five games, 14.6%.

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