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Quiz: Padres who hit below .200 in a season


Through last season, 11 Padres have hit below .200 in a season with more than 200 plate appearances. If the season were to end today that list would have 13 names, but since there's nearly half a season left we'll see how things shake out and not count Jedd Gyorko and Will Venable quite yet. Along with those two, there are a few other current Padres who are just shy of qualifying in one of the two categories. After last night's 0-3 showing, Chase Headley is down to .201 in 242 plate appearances, while Yasmani Grandal is batting .193 but has only been up to the plate 182 times so far this season.

But enough about those guys. If any of them keep flailing at their present level I'll add them in October. For now you have three minutes to name as many of the 11 players who finished a season with this particular indignity. As hints I've listed the year each player did it along with how many plate appearances he had that season. For your convenience, only last names are required. After your time is up, be sure to log your total in the poll and spoiler-proof your comments out of courtesy to those who haven't taken the quiz yet.