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Which Padres players would keep or kick off the roster?

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

I've been thinking about creating this poll for the past several weeks, but until this morning I was too lazy.  I'm interested in knowing which players you want to keep and which you want to kick off the current Padres roster.

Here's how I see your options, if you keep a player he stays on the Padres roster and continues to play but if you kick them off then you never see them play for the Padres again.

You don't have to consider who will replace the player or think about the salary savings.  Let's just keep it really simple.  Do you want to see this player play for the Padres or not?  If you kick off a player he won't be sent to the minor leagues or come back next season, he's gone for good, you're giving up on his present and future. A'ight let's get to it.

You're required to answer the question for each player and after you're done, you'll be presented with a link to see the results.