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Nationals 6, Padres 0: Roark Shuts It Down

Denis Poroy

Tyson Ross was not at his best tonight, but he could have been Cy Young reborn and still not picked up a W tonight. Tanner Roark shut down the Padres offense for 8 innings, giving up just 3 hits while striking out 11. Combine that with his complete game shutout in DC at the end of April, and Roark has held San Diego batters scoreless for 17 innings with 19 strikeouts, 6 hits, and a solitary walk. The evening's biggest loser was Everth Cabrera, who only avoided a golden sombrero by bunting for an out in the third inning.

Ross actually looked great for most of the night. He got bitten early, walking Denard Span right before Anthony Rendon took a fastball deep. He was in top form from there through the fifth inning, allowing just two hits and stranding both runners. It was the sixth inning where everything fell apart. After retiring Rendon, Ross muffed the throw to first, putting Ryan Zimmerman on second. Another walk sent Adam LaRoche to first, and then a ground-rule double by Wilson Ramos put the Nats up by 3. Yet another walk to Ian Desmond loaded the bases. Darren Balsley made a trip to the mound to calm things down. It didn't work; Ross beaned Danny Espinosa to send in another run. A single by Nate McLouth ended Ross's night, but if a pitcher sucks with no offense behind him, does anybody care?

There's hope on the horizon, though. Andrew Cashner returns to the mound tomorrow night at 7:10 PM.