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Jedd Gyorko likely headed to 15 Day DL with Plantar Fasciitis

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Brock reports that Jedd Gyorko has been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis pain in his feet since May 30 in Chicago. So that explains why he's been hitting so poorly since March 30!   Okay maybe it doesn't, but still Plantar Fasciitis sucks, it's a nagging injury that I only wish upon my worst enemies

Gyorko sits out with plantar fasciitis | News

Gyorko said that he's received a cortisone shot and is wary of how tricky these injuries can be, after he watched former teammate, infielder Logan Forsythe, deal with them in recent years. The Padres have not announced a roster move on Gyorko, but it's all but certain he'll end up on the 15-day disabled list before Friday's game against the Nationals.

I was stricken with Plantar Fasciitis probably 5 years ago in both feet.  For 2 months my feet would either ache or I'd experience sharp pain in my heel.  Even short walks would become a chore.  In the mornings, when the pain is the worst, I'd literally crawl to the bathroom across the floor like an AT-AT attacking a rebel base on the ice planet Hoth.

During the day I'd read horror stories about it on the internet, and conclude it would never go away.  I realized then that people write frequently about injuries online but never post follow ups when they heal, so it just appears like no one ever gets better.  As I say it took me 2 months of trying everything from massaging my fascia with a frozen golf ball, trying unsuccessfully to sleep in the  the Strassburg Sock and whining like a little b.

Ultimately it takes time and the patient giving up all hope of ever getting better.  Only when the hope is completely gone does the pain dissipate.  The pain and discomfort have never come back for me and neither have my hopes and dreams.  My guess is that if Jedd only takes 2 weeks off then it'll be nagging him the rest of the season.

Conspiracy theories were all over Twitter yesterday afternoon suggesting that it was a little too convenient that and that Gyorko's injury might be a fake cover so the Padres wouldn't have to send him down for his poor performance.  I believed everyone of them.  Corey Brock insists that the injury is real, but that just means he's in on it.