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MLB Draft 2014: Padres select Trea Turner 13th overall

The Friars get a speedy college SS with their 1st selection.


With the 13th overall selection in the 2014 MLB draft the Padres selected North Carolina State SS Trea Turner. Surprisingly, this pick does not come as much of a surprise. There were multiple major prospect gurus (ESPN's Keith Law and's Jonathan Mayo as well as's Matt Garrioch) who saw Turner as the Padres' target. It probably is not the ideal selection for the Padres given the franchise prospect portfolio, but never let the best be the enemy of the better.

What the Padres are getting is a polished college SS that projects as an above average major league SS. Above average means that he does not project to being a potential perennial All Star or an MVP candidate, but a solid player that you can plug in without regret for years. The reason why his upside is limited is his bat. The bat is obviously liked (as you can see if you look at how well it did at the college level), but like another Padres top prospect Austin Hedges it is not loved. Unlike Hedges, Turner is more experienced having played college ball so he will not have to spend as much time developing it.

Also like Hedges his defense is loved. Many times when a shortstop gets drafted their is already talk about him moving off the position. Turner is not one of those guys. While he does not have a cannon for an arm, it is good enough. His talent lies in his speed and range. It translates defensively and allows him to get to balls that others cannot. It also translates to the basepaths. One way you might think of Turner is an upgraded model of 2010 1st round pick Cory Spangenberg. He can run like Spangs, but he plays better defense and has a more polished bat.