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MLB Draft 2014: Day one open thread (round 1 and 2)

Discussing the first 2 rounds of the draft as they happen

The 2014 MLB draft begins today at 4 PM PT and will consist of the first 2 rounds (including the supplemental compensation rounds). Click here to get all the details on how to watch and/or follow the draft. The Padres will pick 13th and 51st today (or, if you prefer, they pick Denorfiath and Hoffmanst). The Padres used to also have the 69th pick, but since there is no player with that number they traded it to the Diamondbacks in the Ian Kennedy deal.

By picking 13th the predictability of the selection is nearly impossible. Some insiders will claim they know what the Padres are thinking. I am neither an insider nor would I claim that I could predict the pick even if I was, so you will see no predictions here. I know that goes against every principle of internet blogging, but I guess I am a rebel in that sense. I will mention that names thrown around as being both potentially available for the Padres and someone that interests them are Trea Turner (SS, NC State, profile), Touki Toussaint (RHP, FL HS, profile), Max Pentecost (C, Kennessaw State, profile), Michael Conforto (OF, Oregon State) and Kyle Schwarber (C/1B, Indiana U). However, my anti-prediction streak will nearly always tell me to bet on the field when I hear a bunch of names. Even prospect guru John Sickels posted his mock draft under the title: This mock draft is wrong (although it did have the Padres taking Schwarber with all the other players I mentioned taken before pick 13).

One thing I do like to do is look at what we actually know. I wrote some articles on system depth and recent drafts that provide some insight. I have included those links in the sidebar and below. This sort of analysis has helped me to reach a conclusion about the most likely need for a top pick. After a draft that was light on pitching last year, another top end starting pitching prospect could be a need and with a system light on middle of the order bats drafting one of those could fill another big need.

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