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Tony Gwynn made Anti-Tobacco PSA before his passing

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It's only appropriate that some of Tony Gwynn's last words were advice to younger ballplayers.  He never stopped teaching.  He asked them to reconsider using tobacco in a brief statement.  The video will not be released to the general public but will be shown to all Major and Minor League baseball teams.

Video on tobacco dangers has warning from Tony Gwynn - LA Times

He was too weak to speak for the video so the voice belongs to someone else, but the warning belongs to Gwynn:

"If you aren’t using spit tobacco, please don’t start. And if you are using, try to quit. If not for yourself, then do it for the people you love."

It breaks my heart imagining the loquacious Tony Gwynn too weak to speak.

Some three years ago when Gwynn was in the midst of his battle with cancer, he stated he was against MLB banning tobacco.  Instead he favored allowing players personal choice.