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Padres claim IF Irving Falu off of waivers by the Brewers


The Padres claimed infielder Irving Falu off of waivers from the Brewers today. I'd heard of the guy before, but his name and the fact that he was drafted by, but didn't sign with, the Padres in 2001 were just about the extent of my knowledge on him. Turns out he's a Quad-A-type infielder who had 12 hitless plate appearances with the Brewers this year after 11 years in the Royals organization including 25 games up with the big club in 2012 and '13.

Derek Harvey over at Brew Crew Ball seemed far less concerned with losing Falu than he was intrigued about how the Brewers would use the newly opened spot on their 40-man roster, so that tells me a lot about how Falu is viewed by those who have watched him play. In turn, my mind has wandered from thinking about Falu himself to wondering what the Padres will do to wedge him in roster-wise. Actually, give me a second; I'm going to check Twitter to see if anything regarding that has popped up since I started writing this.

Hey, what do you know?!

Man, this day and age we live in is remarkable. Remember back when you had to wait for tomorrow's newspaper or sit through hours of radio idiots just to find out something like that?