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Quiz: 100 steals with the Padres

Denis Poroy

There have been 11 players who have totaled 100 or more stolen bases while wearing a Padres uniform, whatever colors that uniform may have been. I've arranged them below in leaderboard order, along with the position(s) each played as a hint. As usual, you only need to enter last names, and in no particular order. Three minutes seemed like a bit too much time, but two minutes didn't seem like long enough; I decided to lean the charitable direction, so the final scores might skew high due to people having time to guess names at random.

Once you're finished up, don't forget to log your results in the poll below. Feel encouraged to comment 'til your heart's content about the ones you got, the ones you missed, or whatever; just remember to use spoiler bars over players' names and anything that might be overtly hint-ish.