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Padres Leave San Francisco With Series Win

San Diego suffered a loss today, just your every-day run-of-the-mill loss.

Amarista tries to channel the will of the ninja and shoot the ball to first base with his mind.
Amarista tries to channel the will of the ninja and shoot the ball to first base with his mind.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There was nothing out of the ordinary about today's loss. Just a typical 4-0 shutout.

Nothing crazy.

Today the Padres fell to the Giants and the sweep was snatched from their hands. A game of no runs, but no errors as well! Big goose eggs in just those two categories. Ian Kennedy was throwing a bit weak, giving up four runs in only six innings. Although Kennedy struck out 8 and opposing pitcher Tim Lincecum only managed to strike out 6.

In the top of the second one of our very own San Diego Padres got on base. That Padre? Chase Headley. Worked a full count and took ball four like a champ. Seth Smith had a neat catch in the bottom of the fifth.

Seth Smith sure did catch that ball. Yes he did.

Rene Rivera, Ian Kennedy, and Will Venable all popped out in the third. Pablo Sandoval retorted with a RBI double. Everth Cabrera, Seth Smith, and Carlos Quentin lined and grounded out in the 7th, Buster Posey replied with an RBI double. Those were the two big innings. None of the other ones really mattered.

The Friars will head back home tonight and hit the cages tomorrow. They take their won series in San Fran home with them to face the Diamondbacks for a three game series over the weekend.

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Tim Lincecum threw a no hitter.