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Padres Hahndle Giants 7-2

The Friars very aggressively take the series against the bay area Pumpkins. The challenge trot returns. Seagulls clean up what's left.

Jake manages to Goebbert into home past the Posey tag.
Jake manages to Goebbert into home past the Posey tag.
Thearon W. Henderson

After the Cuban shutout yesterday in AT&T Park, the Padres were back for seconds. Pumpkin pie was being served again, and San Diego was hungry. Jesse Hahn returned to the mound coming off a stellar outing against the Mariners, having thrown 7 innings and giving up zero earned runs and striking out seven. Today, Hahn gave up the only two runs of the game and struck out 8. Hot diggity.

Hahn dipped his WHIP all the way to .88, but over on the offensive side of things the Padres were hitting like crazy. Twelve hits for seven runs; Will Venable was the only Friar not to get himself a hit today, but still managed to collect 2 RBI's from a sac fly and groundout. Meanwhile, Alexi Amarista knocked in three, Cameron Maybin collected Chase Headley on a single,  and Tommy Medica snuck onto the field to casually blast a home run into left field before slipping back into the San Fransisco night.

Medica smacks one into left, a haunting reminder of his vengeful RBI last night.

Padres and Giants fans alike were again treated to a new Bud Black challenge trot today. Last night Buddy was a little excited and was ejected before he could even get a graceful toe on the dirt. But tonight he was able to debut a Director's Cut - Extended Edition of an already classic trot.

Challenge Trot 2.0

This time Bud makes it to the first base line.

Now in the month of June; all of our losses have been from scoring 3 or less. With 9 of those losses being the result of scoring 1 or less. Luckily, today was our highest scoring game all month. We've been taking the lead early in the game this month; but it's only when we consistently pile on runs do those leads end up turning into W's.

Tomorrow Ian Kennedy will continue the beautiful winning streak against Tim "Crustache" Lincecum.

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The rec's were freaking bananas tonight. Something's up.

Jodes got 4 from the word "yes", and 2 from the word "Sethxy". Friar Fever reasonably collected 3 on an even worse pun and 2 more by just typing "Honk" six times in a row.

Then somebody went banana sandwich and rec'd everybody else. They probably didn't even check themselves before they rec'd themselves.