The Outfield Dilemma: First Weekly Update

Otto Greule Jr

In our week of mourning, the Padres had a pretty decent week. They went 3-4 (almost .500!!!), fired their Josh Byrnes, scored eighteen runs (that's more then 2.5 per game!!!), and we stayed out of last place, though some might say that we should embrace the tank. The two road games in the American League's SafeCo Field, allowed Buddy Black to play four of our five outfielders, oh and Jake Goebbert made his major league debut when he had a pinch hit RBI single on Friday.

Here's the breakdown of game starts (If someone who knows how to make it a chart wants to, it'd be nice)







I'd have liked if Denorfia got an extra one of Venable's starts, but overall Bud did a decent job picking the lineup based on platoon splits.

Will Venable: Venable had seventeen plate appearances last week, and had three hits, one double, with no walks, dropping his batting average to .204, and putting his OBP at .272. He struck out four times last week, which somehow managed to bring his K% down 1.5%.

Chris Denorfia: Getting a plate appearance in all games last week, Denorfia had nineteen plate appearances, getting on base on five of them, with one extra base hit, which dropped his OBP four points to .303, and slugging from .354 to .346.

Seth Smith: The best hitter on this team had five hits in nineteen at bats, three for extra bases, to go along with three walks, putting his OBP for the week at .421, somehow dropping his OBP for the year one point to .396. He also had two home runs Friday against the Dodgers. The only problem with Seth Smith is his strikeouts, five last week, putting his K% at a still average 16.3%.

Cameron Maybin: In eighteen plate appearances last week, Maybin had three hits and no walks, dropping his OBP 21 points to .304. Two of his three hits were triples, which is good. He only struck out twice, which dropped his K% a full percent, but he also grounded into two double plays.

Carlos Quentin: Quentin took advantage of the two games with the DH, and had nineteen plate appearances. He had three hits, a single, a double, and a home run, in addition to two walks, a hit by pitch, and only two strikeouts. The six times reaching base raised his OBP three points to .304, and his only two strikeouts dropped his K% to 18.5%.

Jake Goebbert: In five at bats (sample size!) with the big league club, the return from the Kyle Blanks trade has two hits, and two strikeouts. In his time split between Sacramento and El Paso, Goebbert had a .377 OBP and a .482 slugging. His eleven home runs this year, are good for fourth in the organization, behind Hunter Renfroe, Brooks Conrad, and Jeff Francoeur respectively.

Jeff Francoeur: The best hitter currently in El Paso, has a .316 OBP and a .481 slugging, with fourteen home runs, in the hitter friendly PCL. He had eight hits, one home run, and a walk in 24 plate appearances last week, but sadly he also had eight strikeouts. Despite his older age, 30, and 21.6% in AAA, I expect him to be the next guy up when someone gets hurt or traded.

Hunter Renfroe: He's still far away, but his position as top outfield prospect warrents weekly updates. The organization leader in home runs got called up to San Antonio following the High A All-star game last week, and in twenty plate appearances, he already has a home run. In 69 games in Lake Elsinore, Renfroe got on base 37% of the time, but also struck out as often as he hit it, striking out a very worrying one-fourth of his plate appearances.

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