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Josh Byrnes not surprised by his firing

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

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Host/Jim Duquette: "Are you surprised by the way things went down?"

Josh Byrnes:  "Uh, not really.  I think there’s been an awful lot of change here as the new owners have come in and Mike Dee has come in.  There’s going to be attention focused on baseball as there should be – we’re a baseball organization.  And, you know, we were able to up the payroll a little bit.  Still not, wasn’t super high on the scale, and there were higher expectations and, you know, we were not having a good season.  So I think it’s sort of, when you are an inherited GM and your team is not winning enough these things can happen."

Host/Mike Ferrin: "After something like this happens you tend to see the articles that say the relationship deteriorated with ownership.  Did you feel like there was a deterioration with your relationship with the owners?"

Byrnes: "Um, I probably don’t want to go there.  I think the most essential thing is really getting on the same page – who we are as an organization, how good are we, where is our talent, where isn’t our talent, how far does our money take us.  I think when you see [the] San Antonio Spurs raise a trophy or whoever, I think a sports organization has to be honest with itself, has to be authentic, it’s sort of your living, breathing identity and I don’t think we all got on the same page on that one."

It's a little presumptuous that the Padres think they can increase spending by 25%, still be in the bottom third of MLB payrolls and think that means they are going to the postseason.  With that said it appears that Josh Byrnes didn't do much to temper their expectations.  When ownership offers to give you an extra $22 million you have to put a positive spin on it and assure them you can make good use of the money.  A lot went wrong this season and no $22 million Band-Aid was going to fix it, Byrnes will be the first to be blamed, but probably won't be the last.