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Dee thinks Padres may still compete for postseason baseball, but it was Byrnes who set expectations high

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One of the reasons that's being given for the Josh Byrnes firing is that the current Padres team didn't live up to expectations. Padres President Mike Dee was asked during today's press conference whether the ownership's expectations of postseason play were realistic, which is exactly what I would have asked. - On unrealistic expectations (starts at 8:30)

Mike Dee: You can debate that certainly today as we sit here in our current state. I think we were led to believe and I think it's fair to say that we believed based upon the investment that we made, the changes during the offseason, the addition of certain players during the offseason, many of whom have played very well by the way, that that would put us over the top.  A team that had played well in spurts, that had 40-50 game spurts of being 10 games over 500 over the last couple years, felt that we just needed to do it and put it together over 162 games.  I think leaving Peoria as we did in the end of March that we felt confident that we'd be in the position to compete for postseason baseball...

Obviously I don't know what Baseball Operations told Mike Dee, but he says Baseball Ops felt confident the team could and would compete.  I can't possibly imagine them guaranteeing a postseason berth just because ownership increased payroll by 25%, making them the 21st lowest payroll rather than 26th in 2013.

The team did look better on paper in the offseason.  Buster Olney and Peter Gammons liked their chances in January, but they still needed a lot of pieces to click if they were going to compete for a wild card spot in this division.  Albeit the first half certainly turned out a lot worse than most expected.

The part that makes me think that it was Dee himself that was the one selling an overly optimistic scenario about competing for the postseason is here::

...and by the way we still may be, no one is waving a white towel here, but clearly we thought a change was in order.

So he still thinks the Padres might compete for a postseason spot when they're 32-44 and 13.5 games out of first and common sense telling everyone the Padres' season is over?  Fangraphs gives the Padres a 0.6% chance of playing in the divisional series.  Who's selling unrealistic expectations now?

The Padres and Unrealistic Expectations | FanGraphs Baseball

if the management team had “high expectations” for this roster, isn’t that their fault? Because I can’t find anyone else who thought this team was any good.