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Padres manager Bud Black's job is secure this season

Denis Poroy

Padres President and CEO Mike Dee addressed the media following Sunday's 2-1 loss to the discuss the dismissal of Josh Byrnes. After he opened the floor up for questions, the second query he received regarded manager Bud Black's job security. I wasn't taking notes, but lucky for me, the team's official Twitter account was churning out the meaty quotes as the presser rolled along.

While it would be far from unprecedented for a guy to get canned after having such a thing said about him, it makes sense in this case to keep him aboard. If the team is going to get a new manager, shouldn't the new general manager be the one who selects him instead of a three-headed suitful of fill-ins?

With that in mind, I'll take what Dee said with a pinch of coarse sea salt and pretend he said "Buddy's job is safe until our new GM is in place and hires his guy." But that's just me.