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Padres fire GM Josh Byrnes; the search is on for his replacement

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Well, that puts a rest to one big "Will they or won't they?" that has been on everyone's mind for at least the past month of this disappointing season. The Padres have indeed decided to cut ties with general manager Josh Byrnes.

The linked press release is quick to point out that Byrnes was hired by the previous ownership group, and goes on to note the team's record of 184-215 (.461) since he arrived on the scene.

No replacement has been named, and a triumvirate of organizational underlings will fill in for the meantime.

Until the role is filled, the "office of the general manager" will be comprised of Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations Omar Minaya and Assistant General Managers AJ Hinch and Fred Uhlman, Jr. on an interim basis.

The former has experience as a major league general manager and the latter is a long-time assistant; no word on whether they're on the search committee and will try to snatch the reins a la Dwight Schrute.