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Don't you think FSSD's pregame set looks great in this alternate location?

Pssst. PSSST! You there... come closer... there... like that.

Here's the new game plan.  Let's really flatter Fox Sports San Diego by complimenting their placement of their Padres Live pregame and postgame set out in left field.  Tell them how much you like it and lay it on thiiiick. Like this:

Remember, we're not criticizing the usual location that practically sits on top of the Tony Gwynn statue. That negativity got us nowhere.  We're simply expressing the benefits of keeping the set in this alternate location permanently.

And make no mistake this is a better location and deep down they know it.  After all, they deconstructed and moved the set for a reason when Tony Gwynn passed away on Monday.  They undoubtedly wanted to show the Padres legend an extra level of respect and to also give the fans easier access to the statue.  Shouldn't they do those things year round?  I think so.

If I planned this strategy correctly, then they'll see our tweets and say, "Wow!  We've gotten a great response from the fans by using the alternate location.  It only makes sense to keep the set there going forward."  When they do, we'll wink at each other and slyly smile knowing that we reclaimed the Tony Gwynn statue and the surrounding area for the fans.