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Quiz: The nine other NL batting champions during Tony Gwynn's career

Jonathan Daniel

As you know, Tony Gwynn led the National League in batting average a ridiculous eight times in his 20-year career. That's even more impressive when you consider how sparingly he played in his first two and last two seasons, tallying just over one year's worth of plate appearances in those four years. So, out of 16 years he came to the plate enough times to qualify, he took the crown in exactly half of them. Come on.

During the dozen years of Tony's career that he didn't take home the batting title, nine other guys did; one of them did it twice and another thrice. You have two minutes to name as many as you can; you can guess in any order and only need last names.

After you're through, log your results in the poll and be sure to use spoiler bars in your comments wherever it might be applicable.