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Quiz: Padres top draft picks

Denis Poroy

Since it's the week of the draft and everyone seems to be all excited about that, I thought I'd put together a quiz that fit the theme. What follows is the Padres' top pick each year since they came into existence in 1969. There have been several drafts when the team had numerous first-round picks, and a couple others in which their first pick came in the second round. All this quiz asks for is the club's first overall pick each year, regardless of all that. Exactly one-third of the 45 top picks have never reached the majors; of course, there's still a chance for some of the more recent ones. Those 15 players are denoted with an asterisk.

Normal quiz rules apply; all you need is last names, and there's no penalty for guessing. Once you're done, mark your score in the poll below and be sure to use spoiler bars when discussing answers in your comments.