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Tony Gwynn's life celebrated throughout city of San Diego

Kent Horner

City of San Diego

Today, June 19th, the city of San Diego honored Tony Gwynn.  Mayor Kevin Faulconer encouraged San Diego residents to wear Gwynn gear in a tribute to the hitter.

County of San Diego

Meanwhile the County of San Diego has been working to resurrect the giant Gwynn jersey that hung from the County Administration Building downtown when Gwynn was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  They dusted it off and put it on display again today.

San Diego Maritime Museum

Across from the County Building floats the San Diego Maritime Museum. Captain Troy Sears created a giant 19 banner to be flown from the ship America.

San Diego State University

On Montezuma Mesa, where Tony Gwynn worked as Head Baseball Coach for the Aztecs since 2001, flags continue to be flown at half staff. His plaque in front of Tony Gwynn Stadium was memorialized by the few students that are on campus during the summer. His number 19 was painted on the grass and his image displayed on the scoreboard.

Today the University Bookstore placed a Tony Gwynn memorial sign in their front window.