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Tony Gwynn remembered in stadiums throughout the league

On the field, Gwynn's legacy is honored as the baseball community continues to mourn the passing of one of its most beloved figures.

The outpouring of love, honor, and respect towards Tony Gwynn throughout Major League Baseball over the past few days has been astounding. As Padres fans, we all knew what an amazing man Gwynn was and we were lucky to have experienced his presence in San Diego for so long. But as we all know, his legacy goes far beyond the borders of America's Finest City beyond the Padres / San Diego fanbase, and that reality has never been more evident than we've seen since Monday morning.

Aside from the thousands of tweets, Facebook posts, articles, and online video tributes to Mr. Padre, teams throughout the league honored our fallen Friar on the field.

Moments of silence were observed in several stadiums to pay respect to Gwynn:

Some teams went further, with special markings on the field. And this wasn't limited to the majors, but minor league teams as well:

Red Sox organist Josh Kantor honored Gwynn with an organ rendition of Tom Waits' "San Diego Serenade."

And there were touching video tributes to one of the greatest players and men the sport has ever known:

The continuing effort from teams, players, and fans to show respect and tribute to our beloved Mr. Padre have helped us all get through this difficult time. There looks to be no end in sight to the impact he has on the sport. Regardless of team allegiances and fan rivalries, Gwynn's legacy remains unifying in the baseball community.