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Padres 1, Mariners 6; Still Losing

The pace hasn't changed as San Diego gets swept in 2 games right out of Seattle.

Otto Greule Jr

The players are the same and the story isn't changing. For the 8th time this month we have been held to one run or less. 23 for the entire season. The offense is a broken record, and weak links in the pitching rotation are starting to break apart. Seven strikeouts and only four hits made for a miserable second day in Washington state.

Despite not taking advantage of it; the Padres scored within the first three innings once again. A Rene Rivera solo HR was a tasty morsel to pique some sort of hope for our first win since yesterday morning's terrible news. But the Padres offense have yet to absorb the hitting spirit, and it was our only run for the day.

Padre runs like Rivera's HR are far and few in between. Let's just enjoy how damn hard he hit this one for a few moments.

The Pads, even though not proving to be any sort of threat with a .274 OBP, were manhandled by Seattle's Roenis Elias today. On the flip side, Eric Stults bloated his ERA by giving up 3 earned runs in only 5 innings, and all 4 runs from two-run home runs. Although pitcher win records (especially with our kind of "offense") should always be taken with a shaker of salt; Stults is now 2-9 for the season.

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The Mariners are coming to our home turf tomorrow to complete the weird four-game series. With Mr. Padre looking over us in high right field, it would be quite lovely to see his hitting spirit embodied in the bats of our current lineup.

Let's get 'em tomorrow, boys.