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Tony Gwynn's condition worsened over the weekend, passed away on Monday

Stephen Dunn

Update: Tony Gwynn has passed away:

Previous: Tony Gwynn Jr. talked to Philly's Jim Salisbury about his Hall of Fame dad on Father's Day.  As many of us have suspected, Gwynn's condition has worsened.  He's been battling salivary gland cancer for the past 4 years and his son says the last few months have become the toughest part of the fight.

Coming out of Spring Training Gwynn Jr. seemed more optimistic, saying his father's fight "was going his way", but that has changed.  He can tell it's become more serious because they don't even talk about baseball anymore, only his health.

The Gwynn men: A son's love, a father's fight | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia

"When I left for spring training he was in a good spot, and now he’s not in that same spot, so from that standpoint I guess it has worsened. But in the big scheme of things, which is getting healthy so he can do the things he wants to do, I see light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t say that he does, but then again he’s the one going through this, and it’s tough on him."

It's so terribly sad hearing about Tony suffering.

"He’s hurting. No doubt."

As fans it's a helpless feeling knowing that he's out there hurting.  All we can do is send him our love and pray for his recovery, hoping it's enough.

"He’s a fighter," Tony Jr. said. "He’s going to battle it out, but please keep him in your prayers."