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Hahn gets first major league hit; Cashner taunts him from the dugout

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Jesse Hahn made his second major league appearance this afternoon. And it was about as brilliant as you could ask for from the young righty out of Double-A San Antonio. A season-high (minors included) six innings, no runs, a hit and three walks, seven strikeouts (five of which came consecutively).

But one of Hahn's best moments of the game came at the plate rather than on the mound. In front of many of his family and friends, who had traveled the two hours from Hahn's hometown in Connecticut, the rookie got his first major league hit and RBI, singling on a deceptive fly ball to right field to score Cameron Maybin from second base. You can watch the hit here.

Mud and Dick started talking about how that ball would make a great souvenir for Hahn and then the camera panned to the dugout, where Cashner was being Cashner. He had an arm around around Tommy Medica while slamming a baseball on the ground and staring down Hahn on the basepaths. It wasn't actually the ball Hahn had just hit, but Cash was doing a pretty good job making it seem like it was and like he was abusing it, knowing he was right in Hahn's line of sight.


If you ask some people, our Padres are in no position to be having fun like this. Sure they're up 4-0, but the season has seemingly gone to hell and players shouldn't be smiling or goofing around when the team is playing so poorly overall.

I love it though. Stuff like this makes the team still worth watching despite everything else. Never change, Cashy.