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2-6 Loss Extends Padres Losing Streak

The losses pile up as the pattern of offensive stalemates continue.

Rich Schultz

Much like the rain that seems to follow the Padres around the past few games, losses are plaguing the ballclub in raincloud fashion. A thin San Diego lineup was handled by the 41 year-old Bartolo Colon. An early lead was torn down like cheap wallpaper and plastered over with imposing pictures of Mr. Met.

The Friars mustered up 2 runs in 5 hits to New York's 6 and 11, respectively. We struck out twice as much (SD 14 NYM 7) mostly due to Colon's seven strikeout outing. "Ace" Andrew Cashner survived six innings giving up 4 earned runs, which is seemingly a death sentence for this current Padres bats. Kevin Quackenbush put the nail in the coffin giving up two more before the night was over. It was a pummeling.

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We're at a point where tensions are ramping up very high. Management is vocalizing disappointment, fans are fighting a war of fandom attrition, and nothing seems to be getting better right now. A Rene Rivera homerun in the second inning isn't going to heal the wounds of a five-game losing streak.

With arguably the most exciting Padre lumped in with a loss today, we'll have to shift excitement towards the new blood of Jesse Hahn in his second representation for the Padres tomorrow against Zack Wheeler.

Cross your Friar Fingers we stay away from any more usages of the words "losing" and "streak".

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Some brave GLBebbers showed up today despite the rainy forecast, but due to the current state of the organization no rec's were issued.