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Constructing a team of players who have been both Padres and Mets


This is the eleventh post in a series of 30 in which I bust out the ol' Baseball-Reference multi-franchise tool, peruse the list of guys who played for both the Padres and whatever team they're playing, and create a 25-man roster. Since the Padres are currently in Flushing -- insert joke about the whole season going down the toilet here -- here's the San York Metdres.

Starting Lineup:

C- Mike Piazza
1B- Tony Clark
2B- Roberto Alomar
SS- Tony Fernandez
3B- Kevin Mitchell
LF- Rickey Henderson
CF- Mike Cameron
RF- Gary Sheffield

Unlike the Padres of recent vintage, this lineup would have no problem scoring runs. As much as I wanted to put Garry Templeton at short, Fernandez's numbers wouldn't allow it. Mitchell played more games in the outfield than at third base but surprisingly, he was far less of a defensive liability at third, bare-handed catches of fly balls notwithstanding.


C- Sandy Alomar, Jr.
IF- Carlos Baerga
3B/1B- Dave Magadan
OF/1B- Cliff Floyd
OF- Jason Bay

There's not that much of a drop-off from the starters; these guys would start for most combined teams.

Starting Rotation:

Randy Jones
Mickey Lolich
Chan Ho Park
Chris Young
Pedro Astacio

If I ever knew Chan Ho Park pitched for the Mets, I must have forgot. I'll cut myself a break for that though, since it was only one game. He started against the Marlins on April 30, 2007, and picked up the scarlet L by allowing seven earned runs in just four innings; that was his only game that season.


Heath Bell
Jon Adkins
Randy Myers
Jesse Orosco
Bob Miller
Danny Frisella
Mike Maddux

Like Park, Adkins only pitched one game for the Mets. Also like Park, it happened in 2007. On July 27, Adkins pitched a perfect frame against the Nationals, retiring Felipe Lopez, Ronnie Belliard, and Ryan Zimmerman. He was good with the Padres in '06 but makes my team due to the fact that he's a West Virginia guy. Each of the other guys had a few great peak seasons, and Orosco was outstanding for just shy of a quarter of a century.

That's my team. How would yours look?