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Chairman Ron Fowler's email indicates he's losing patience with Padres


Yesterday we heard on Darren Smith's show that Padres President Mike is extremely disappointed in the team and its offensive production. We learn today that Padres Chairman Ron Fowler too is disappointed, terribly so.

Padres could be close to making changes after slow start | FOX Sports on MSN

Ron Fowler, the team's executive chairman, indicated in an e-mail to FOX Sports on Thursday night that changes could be imminent for his struggling franchise.

"At this time, we will not be discussing our situation with any parties outside of our senior management circle," Fowler said.

"That said, we are terribly disappointed in the team's offense this year and staying the course (waiting for a turnaround) is becoming less appealing as the ugly losses continue."

All we get is a glimpse that changes are most definitely maybe coming sometime.  Someone will likely lose their job for irritating senior management and chances are it won't be the someone who is truly to blame for all that has gone wrong with this organization (Dancing Grounds Crew Guy).

The Padres senior management team came into their new positions overly cocky and dismissive of old problems.  Now the reality seems to be setting in that raising the payroll by 25% and making optimistic predictions won't be the quick fix they thought it would.

Could someone from Fox Sports forward me Fowler's entire email?  My copy must have been sent to my junk folder.