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Padres President Mike Dee extremely disappointed in team's standing, takes accountability

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Dee interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Dee is extremely disappointed and not happy about the Padres current standing.  "Just extremely disappointing.  This is unexpected, to be 10 games under 500, 68 (66) games in and to be now at the bottom of the division is unacceptable and I'm profoundly disappointed about how things are going.  Gotta get it right.  We're gonna get it right.  But it is not where we thought we would be for sure."
  • The Padres are committed to putting a team on the field that the community and fanbase can be proud of.  "Obviously as we sit here today we're not doing that right now.  That's on us."  He wouldn't be doing his job if he wasn't looking at everything and everybody from top to bottom.  "We're all accountable."  They've raised the payroll 25% under this new ownership and it's still not getting done.  "We're going to leave no stone unturned."  He's not going to put a time frame on the changes.  They thought they had a roster that was talented enough for a postseason berth.
  • "I think the problem is fairly easy to diagnose. It's hard to win games when you don't score." -Mike Dee

    "I think the problem is fairly easy to diagnose.  It's hard to win games when you don't score."  When they score 4 runs or more they are 21-4.  Dee says the low point of the season was being shutout on Sunday, until today after the being swept by the Phillies.
  • The players are as frustrated as anybody.  They know what they're capable of.  Unfortunately baseball is a sport that when things aren't going well, players tend to press.   Nobody is waving the white flag, but the team has to start playing better if they can even think about passing any teams in the standings.
  • It starts with Mike Dee, he's accountable for getting things right.  The ownership has given him their confidence.  If it doesn't turn around they'll have to make some tough decisions.
  • Dee is an optimist by nature.  He sees the effort and that the players are playing hard. Buddy Black sees the same thing.  Today is not an easy day to see the forest through the trees.
  • Buddy Black would probably say that he's not getting the most out of his roster.  If you can't score, "you're not going to win no matter how good your pitching is."  It's not all on Buddy, it's on the organization.  The fanbase deserves more.  He hears the fanbase and receives their emails and the letters.