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Padres Shut Out 0-3, Please Make It Stop

The Friars drop the second game of the series against the Phillies due to a walkoff, and lose three straight.

Drew Hallowell

At the very least, today Padres fans can genuinely say they were not surprised. Our offense today provided five hits and zero runs. We went 0 for 3 with runners in scoring position, we left 6 runners on base, and all despite a perfect performance from Tyson Ross. Although both teams went scoreless for almost the entire duration of the game; the Phils aren't the ones with desperate hitting woes.

Cole Hamels and Tyson Ross had a legitimate pitching duel today, with Ross posting 4 hits, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts in 7 innings; Hamels threw for 5 hits, 1 walk, 11 strikeouts in 8 innings. But unfortunately the Phillies had the offensive walkoff mojo and ended the scoreless game with a 3-run HR from Reid Brignac off of Nick Vincent.

The only Padres to get hits today were Chris Denorfia, Chase Headley, Tommy Medica, and Cameron Maybin. None of these Padres are leading the club in any sort of hitting statistic. Tyson Ross also helped his cause with a hit as well.

Luckily (?) we're throwing Eric "Stultsy" Stults (5.68 ERA) against Philedelphia's version of Stults (4.30 ERA) tomorrow. If not a pitching duel like today, we can at least hope for a sloppy, messy offensive brawl. Cross your fingers.