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Rain Not Enough To Prevent Padres Loss 2-5

A gloomy day in Philly equated to another gloomy result in the series opening loss.

This is too deep, man.
This is too deep, man.
Mitchell Leff

A solid 3 innings is never enough in Major League Baseball, and it wasn't enough today to handle the Phillies. Three innings of no-run baseball thrown from Ian Kennedy and a run scored on a Will Venable solo HR was swiftly replaced by a 4 inning Philly 4th.

Our only response was late in the seventh on a weak sacrifice fly from Yonder Alonso. The game ended in a crushing Padres fashion, a weak ground out while down 2-5 with a bases loaded two out situation. Kennedy gave up all 5 earned runs today, and his offense backed him up with 2 on five hits.

At this point we have equaled the Diamondbacks in the standings. A status that we've avoided for the better part of the first half of the season; but now can't seem to escape from. We've gotten decidedly to the point where there's "nowhere to go but up", and the only direction I will settle for is at least being able to sweep a team before all-star break.

There was consolation today, as Everth Cabrera broke some sort of slip-n-side record that probably exists.

Rain-delay-Cabrera wants to slide away from his teams' problems. Almost there, Cabby. Almost there.

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Enough people showed up to watch the Padres lose to the point where we have to acknowledge the game actually happened. Three recs were shared between Jay Stokes, turbopan, and Friar Fever.