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Padres game in Philly likely to be delayed by rain at some point

This picture is from Kansas City, but you get the idea
This picture is from Kansas City, but you get the idea
Ed Zurga

It looks like tonight's Padres game might be delayed due to thunderstorms in the Philadelphia area.

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As of 3:40 p.m. Eastern Time, the tarp is on the field at Citizens Bank Park and the rain has already begun, meaning there's a good chance tonight's series opener between the Padres and Phillies will be delayed.

Twitter is alive with pictures of the dugouts flooding and Padres players playing slip n' slide on the infield tarp.

You can look at this in three ways. Perhaps the Padres just need to loosen up, after all Tony Gwynn said you can't do anything in this game with a tight booty.  Or maybe a team already with extensive injuries to its roster shouldn't be taking unnecessary risks.  The third perspective is that the Padres shouldn't be having any fun because the fans aren't.  The team sucks and they should be conducting themselves in a business-like manner, perhaps taking batting practice instead of goofing off. My take on it, is let the players have fun and maybe it'll do them some good, but don't get hurt.  If you get hurt, there will be hell to pay.

Anyway it looks like at least some of the game will be played tonight.  The guys are resuming baseball activities on the field at the moment.