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San Diego 1, Chicago 4; White Sox Turn Tables

The Padres get a taste of their own medicine today and drop the final game of the series and first game of the month.

David Banks

Today the Padres faced a Chicago arrangement that was a bit more geared up for victory. Chris Sale and the White Sox pinned the Friars' previously consistent offense down and kept them down for the day. There was little Eric Stults and his team could do after allowing four runs to one.

Scoring started in the bottom of the second, with Paul Konerko popping a solo homerun. It wouldn't be until the fifth inning that Chase Headley would answer with a solo dinger of his own; giving San Diego its only run for the day, as the dirty Sox would pile on three more runs with another homerun and two-run RBI double.

Headley puts some serious hurt on the ball for his fifth home run on the season.

Sale, who has been a fairly strong pitching opponent for every team he has faced, kept us to two hits and one run for a complete game. Headley's home run and a following single from Tommy Medica in the fifth were those hits.

Today's loss puts at an even 5-5 for the last ten games played. Our road record starts to pile against us; but tomorrow we return home with Tim Stauffer attempting to redeem his last abysmal start and even up our home record as well. The mystery remains for who will start the following Tuesday.

In other injured news; Cameron Maybin stayed out of today's game to nurse his strained right calf.

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Eleven in the morning was a little too early for San Diegans, but Darklighter and his adorable puppy showed up to support the Pads with tons and tons of recs.