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San Diego Ends May With a Win 4-2

Matching the offense of the day before, the Padres take the series against the White Sox.

Jonathan Daniel

Something about May 31st just clicks with the Padres. With the second highest win rate for the organization compared to March 30th and 31st, the Pads confirmed the end-of-May juju with another win. Another incredible outing from Tyson Ross, some unexpected offensive production from Will Venable, and a little magic from Chris Denorfia sprinkled in put the Padres ahead today.

The offensive bout started early; with an earned walk from Yonder Alonso and a subsequent RBI from Venable. Will's hit was ripped into the deep corner of right field as the new-and-improved speed from Yonder we've come to appreciate put the Padres on the board. One out later, Rene Rivera would plate Chris Denorfia after Deno replaced Cameron Maybin on the bases, who left due to calf tightness.

Venable hitting with RISP + Alonso legging out a run from first base = ??????????????????

Tyson Ross would end up only allowing two runs all day; just one of them earned. He struck out five and walked three, but kept true to his posted 2.85 ERA. The runs were split up, one a piece in the 2nd and 5th inning. Though Ross was bailed out big time in the 4th from the uncontrollable Denosaur:

Denorfia not only knows how to lay out for great catches, he also knows how to physically over-emphasize how great it really was.

Regardless, it was Venable's second RBI in the third inning and a sacrifice fly from Alexi Amarista that would keep the Padres ahead; allowing Huston Street to come in yet again and punch in his 17th save in a row. Street is now tied for first in the league in saves, and is the only closing pitcher in the majors with a perfect save record for 2014 thus far.


A solid outing from a great starting pitcher, key hits with RISP from the middle of the lineup, highlight-reel-worthy plays in the outfield, and a guaranteed win from a dominating closer. Seems like a classically good Padres win to me.

The Friars get to kick off June baseball bright and early tomorrow at 11AM PST.

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