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Padres 10, Marlins 1: The Gyork Store Is Open For Business

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres cracked double digits in the runs column for the first time this season, and it's largely thanks to Jedd Gyorko. The sophomore second baseman broke out of his slump in grand fashion, utterly destroying Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez. The first shot came in the second inning after Yasmani Grandal reached base on a throwing error. Jedd took a first pitch fastball all the way to the Jack Deck for an early 2-run lead.

That was nice, but the real excitement came in the sixth inning. Everth Cabrera and Seth Smith led off with a pair of singles, and Grandal walked to load 'em up for Jedd. He took a little bit longer to find his pitch the second time around, but he found another meaty fastball to the second floor of the Western Metal Building. That ended Fernandez's night, but his replacement Brad Hand didn't do much better. He gave up a single, double, and another single to Cameron Maybin, Yonder Alonso, and Alexi Amarista. That was good to get Maybin across the plate. Alonso would join him on Will Venable's sacrifice fly.

The Marlins finally managed to touch Tyson Ross for a run when Marcell Ozuna wrapped up an 8-pitch at bat with homer to left. That was the only mark on Tyson's 7-inning stint. He only gave up four hits, a pair of walks, and a lone run while still striking out eight.

But that still wasn't a good enough night for our boys. Alexi led off the eighth with another single, and was quickly joined by Kyle Blanks. With two outs, Smith came back up to knock a two-run double past Ozuna. With double digits on the board, the offense was finally ready to rest. I hope they sleep well and dream of all the runs they'll score tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, Eric Stults will toe the rubber at 5:40 PM. It should be a great night for baseball, so head down to the ballpark for another Padres win!

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