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Padres pitchers homer-hitting facts

Denis Poroy

Last night Ian Kennedy became the thirty-fourth Padres pitcher to hit a home run. Don't worry; I'm not going to quiz you on them, just drop some random bullet points. All data was culled from clicking around on the B-R Play Index. On a side note, with certain (read: bad) kerning, 'clicking around' looks like another, more crass, term for what I was doing.

  • Tim Lollar is by far the most prolific home run hitter among Padres pitchers. His eight homers are three more than runner-up Mike Corkins, and twice as many as Eric Show, Andy Benes, and Joey Hamilton hit.
  • Eight other pitchers have hit a pair of homers in whatever the hell colors the Padres were wearing at that point, starting with the O.G. Dave Roberts and most recently accomplished by Mat Latos. Tom Griffin, 2012 interim bullpen coach Jimmy Jones, Calvin Schiraldi, Fernando Valenzuela, Adam Eaton, and Jake Peavy are the others.
  • Seven pitchers homered in a game they entered in relief: Roberts, Corkins, Lollar, Earl Wilson, Craig Lefferts, Tim Stoddard, and Mark Davis.
  • Al Santorini became the first Padres pitcher to hit a home run on August 19, 1969. It was a classic case of helping one's own cause, as his shot to lead off the seventh inning was the margin of difference in a 5-4 win at Montreal, giving him his fifth win of the season.
  • Nine pitchers have homered as part of a multi-hit game a total of eleven times, with Eric Show and Tim Lollar doing it twice. Woody Williams had the sole three-hit game of the bunch, and four pitchers paired their homer with a double: Williams, Dennis Tankersley, Adam Eaton, and Jake Peavy.
  • 27 of the 62 occurrences have happened at home, with Kennedy's homer being only the third at Petco Park. Mat Latos was the first in 2011, and Edinson Volquez hit one last June.
  • Volquez's homer is the only to happen in an interleague game.
  • Kennedy's home run was the twenty-third to be wasted in a loss. It's the first game where the pitcher's homer accounted for the only runs of a loss, although Tim Lollar did hit a two-run homer and have two other RBI in a 6-4 loss to the Expos on May 15, 1984. No Padres pitcher has homered to account for all the runs in a win.