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Baby T-Rex throws out first pitch at Padres game

Denis Poroy

The Padres had a baby T-Rex throw out the first pitch at the game today, it too was given no run support.  The dinosaur is one of the stars of an upcoming live-action show based on the BBC's series "Walking with the Dinosaurs", coming to a casino sports arena named after a casino, near you in November.

Dinosaurs take center stage in the US - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8

Walking with Dinosaurs will be performed at The Valley View Casino Center for a limited seven performance engagement from November 26-30.

The grounds crew guy working on the mound rubber couldn't even be bothered to watch.

I like that all dinosaurs are equipped with down feathers now. Back in my day they had scales and dragged their tails.  I only wish that this T-Rex had a feathery mullet like our boy Cashner.

It'd suck to be local meteorologist Leslie Lopez, who also threw out a ceremonial first pitch, only to be upstaged by a lizard puppet.

Let me leave you with a good dinosaur joke.  Why can't you hear a pterodactyl use the restroom?  Because the "p" is silent.  So good.