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Quiz: Award-winning Padres

J. Meric

I was digging through year-by-year results of major-award voting, looking for Padres who received any votes for the big three awards, when I thought the Padres who actually won them would make for a good quiz. So, I put the post I had in mind on the back burner and threw this quiz together. I'll revisit my original idea later, when this quiz is old news and won't get spoiled for anyone.

Since there are only seven answers and I imagine most people will get at least five of them right off the bat, I made the quiz a bit more challenging by setting it up to force the answers in order. This discourages mass-wild-guesses once you get all the ones you knew by heart. If you need to skip one -- say, the guy who was the 1976 co-Rookie of the Year, for instance -- you can come back to it after you go through all the others, provided you have time remaining. Wrong answers don't lock you out; this just limits your guessing to that particular answer.

Now that I've explained the new twist, it's time to spell out the same old, same old for the benefit of anyone who might be quizzing around with us for the first time (Welcome!). There's a poll down there (heh); it's to log (heh) how many you got right. Feel encouraged to discuss your answers and whatnot in the comments section, but be sure to use the spoiler bar feature over players' names and where otherwise applicable.

Alright, enough of that. Get it, gurl.