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Constructing a team of players who have been both Padres and Royals

Denis Poroy

With the Royals in town, it's time for me to go back to the well and create a team comprised of guys who played for both teams. I generally choose the players based on their peak and career as a whole rather than how they did for either of the teams, although I sometimes make picks based on how much I irrationally love or hate the player in question.

Starting Lineup:

C- Benito Santiago
1B- Wally Joyner
2B- Bip Roberts
SS- Miguel Tejada
3B- Joe Randa
LF- Kevin McReynolds
CF- Ruppert Jones
RF- Reggie Sanders

Another one of these, another Santiago sighting. This is the fifth combined team he's been part of, and he'll be cropping up again when I get around to the Phillies, Pirates, and Blue Jays. Reggie Sanders is another familiar name, as he's manned right field for the last three of these I've done. Joe Randa is the weakest link of the bunch, but there were no other viable choices. I'm still resentful toward him for breaking up Chris Young's no-hitter with a ninth-inning homer.


C- Don Slaught
IF/OF- Kurt Bevacqua
IF- Kurt Stillwell
OF- Shane Mack
LF/CF- Rondell White

It was tough to leave Chris Gwynn off, but Mack and White were too good to burn a roster spot on him. Besides, it's not like he's my brother. Kurt Stillwell gets the nod by virtue of being able to play the middle infield and not being Desi Relaford.

Starting rotation:

Gaylord Perry
Danny Jackson
Atlee Hammaker
Jeff Suppan
Dennis Rasmussen

Once you get past Perry there's not a whole lot to write home about, although Jackson did finish second in Cy Young Award voting in a fluky 1988 season when he went 23-8 with a 2.73 ERA for Cincinnati. Dennis Rasmussen took the fifth spot over the similarly uninspiring Brett Tomko and Kip Wells solely because I wanted to have both of the Rasmussens on the team.


Mark Davis
Rudy Seanez
Bob Shirley
Ricky Bones
Jay Witasick
Matt Whisenant
Eric Rasmussen

And there's the other one. Aside from 1989 Cy Young Award winner Mark Davis closing down games, the bullpen is populated by fairly decent pitchers most casual fans wouldn't recognize. Shirley and Bones can serve as long relievers or spot starters, as Bones moved from the rotation to the 'pen halfway through his career, and Shirley served as a swingman throughout his.

That's my team. What would yours look like?