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Matt Bush interviewed in prison


Former Major League Outfielder Gabe Kapler interviewed his former Minor League teammate Matt Bush, in prison.  Bush is a known in San Diego for being the Padres number 1 draft pick in 2004 and the perhaps their biggest bust in club history.  He's the Padres equivalent of the Chargers' Ryan Leaf, except Bush never played in a Padres uniform.

Bush has had maturity issues since he was drafted, multiple run-ins with the law and addiction troubles with alcohol.  He's been in fights, hit and run DUI collisions and even run over a motorcyclist's head, nearly killing him.  He's been an absolute mess and an embarrassment to himself and his teams.  Oddly, seeing him in a prison uniform in the video below is literally the first time I've seen him in a rational state.

Bush comes off sympathetic in this piece.  Especially when Kapler reveals that Bush has been incarcerated since 2012 and he and his Fox Sports crew are Bush's first visitors.  Still one need only do a Google search to remind themselves of his past failings.  Bush holds out hope that when he's released that he can earn a spot on a major league roster.  I hope that he can just stay sober and stop endangering himself and those around him.

Matt Bush: From No. 1 draft pick to DC# C07392 | FOX Sports on MSN

"It didn't seem real. But it was, and I realized that at that point, my life was over. You're done, you're over with."