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Quiz: Padres batters with at least 100 RBI in a season

Denis Poroy

I had to double-check to make sure I hadn't made this quiz before because it seems like such an obvious topic. Obviously I hadn't, because here we are.

There have been 18 instances of a Padres player driving in 100 runs in a season, accomplished by 13 different guys. As I was putting together this quiz I became fascinated by the breakdown of 100 RBI seasons by decade:

'70s: 2
'80s: 0
'90s: 8
'00s: 6
'10s: 2

Only four players in the '80s surpassed even 90 RBI. Terry Kennedy came the closest, with 98 in 1983 and 97 the year before. Bearing in mind to not bother typing the names of anyone who played for San Diego solely in the '80s, three minutes should be more than enough time to knock out the ones you know for sure and to make educated guesses on the others.

After you finish up, log your results in the poll below and don't forget to use spoiler bars over names where applicable in your comments.