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Tommy Medica is appealing

He's also trying to get Martin Prado's error overturned.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I'd love to have Tommy Medica get a hit, but you know what though? That's a very makeable play, a big league third baseman there... the ball hooking. No question. E5.

These were Mark Grant's words almost immediately after Medica reached base on Wednesday's game against the Diamondbacks. No question. It was a fielding error by Martin Prado, plain and simple.

OR WAS IT? (Spoiler alert: yes, it was.)

After Medica finished his night just a single shy of the cycle, becoming the 11th Padres player in franchise history to do so, many started cursing the baseball gods so hard for letting history slip through our fingers once more. Some people even wanted the Padres to appeal the scoring decision so that Medica could be credited with a single. After all, the ball was hit very hard and one could argue that it was a hit, right?

At the very least Medica and his agent are apparently is in that camp. They filed for an appeal to review the error.

Let's look at the play again. Fox's phantom cam caught a great angle of Prado's attempted catch:


Huh. Nope. That's an error, clear as day.

Grant Brisbee thinks so too. And despite his well-known feelings about the Padres, he does admit that he feels bad for Medica.

How do you feel about the appeal? Anyone think Medica actually has a decent case or is there absolutely no way the play gets overturned? Would you want the Padres' first ever cycle to be tainted and have an asterisk next to it for all of eternity?