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Constructing a team of players who have been both Padres and White Sox

This post is the tenth in a series of either 29 or 30, depending on whether I count the Expos and Nationals as one team or two. Since the Padres are currently visiting the south side of Chicago, it's time to take a look at all the players who have suited up for the Friars and Pale Hose and piece together a 25-man roster. As always, I picked the players based on their peak or entire career, not necessarily how they did with either or both teams.

Starting Lineup:

C- Sandy Alomar, Jr.
1B- John Kruk
2B- Roberto Alomar
SS- Joey Cora
3B- Geoff Blum
LF- Carlos Quentin
CF- Mike Cameron
RF- Oscar Gamble

Cora gets the start at shortstop despite spending most of his career as a second baseman. His offensive numbers were far better than those of any of the eligible players with more games at short and even if they weren't, did you really think I'd leave Joey Cora out of my starting lineup? Geoff Blum is the easiest out, but gets the starting nod over the ever-so-slightly better-hitting Luis Salazar by virtue of his superior glove.


C- Don Slaught
IF/OF- Bill Almon
IF/OF- Luis Salazar
OF/1B- Mark Kotsay
OF- Darrin Jackson

Although Don Slaught was hitless in his 26 plate appearances with the Padres, he was a very good hitter and an above-average receiver for the other 15 years of his career.  Almon played every position except pitcher, and Salazar played every position except catcher. Both he and Darrin Jackson can give the bullpen a break in blowouts, as they have both pitched for the Padres.

Starting Rotation:

Jake Peavy
David Wells
Jon Garland
LaMarr Hoyt
Atlee Hammaker

This is the strongest facet of the team; you know you've got a pretty good mock-rotation when there's a Cy Young Award winner in the fourth slot. Hoyt falls in behind fellow winner Jake Peavy and two others, all three of whom had longer, less troubled peaks. Hammaker was bad in San Diego and worse in Chicago, but makes the fifth spot here thanks to his time with the Giants, including 1983 when he led the league in ERA, ERA+, FIP, and WHIP.


Goose Gossage
Dustin Hermanson
Scott Linebrink
Chuck McElroy
Vicente Romo
Jon Adkins
Bob Miller

Hermanson had his best success as a starter for the Expos around the turn of the century and as the closer for Chicago in 2005, but here he gets relegated to the middle relief role he served between the two thanks to the presence of Gossage. Linebrink had a strong career except for a two-week span in 2007 that made everyone turn on him and run him out of town, and McElroy was an underrated lefty who stuck around over a dozen years. Romo was a lights-out closer back before closers were even a thing and had even more great seasons in Mexico, where he was inducted into the Salón de la Fama on the first ballot he was eligible and is considered by some to be the Cy Young or Walter Johnson of the Mexican game. Jon Adkins had a good season out of Chicago's 'pen in 2004 and a better one with San Diego in '06, but his most redeeming quality is his birthplace. As for Bob Miller, he has made a number of these teams on the strength of his remarkable 1971 season.

Organizational Depth:

C- Miguel Olivo, Ben Davis, Jerry Moses, Ron Tingley, Chris Stewart
IF- Orlando Hudson, Tadahito Iguchi, Eddie Williams, D'Angelo Jimenez, Steve Huntz, Rich Morales, Aurelio Rodriguez, Ed Spiezio, Jerry Royster
OF- Angel Bravo, Miguel Dilone, Shawn Abner, Blake Tekotte, Johnny Jeter, Jay Johnstone, Rob Mackowiak, Jerry Turner
SP- Clayton Richard, Eric Stults, Tim Lollar, Kip Wells, Dave LaPoint, Adam Peterson
RP- Tim Stoddard, Dan Spillner, Alan Embree, John Davis, Steve Fireovid, Charlie Haeger, Mike Dunne, Aaron Poreda, Antonio Osuna, Steve Mura, David Lundquist, Adam Russell, Jerry Nyman, Tommie Sisk, Kevin Walker, Steve Rosenberg, Dave Wehrmeister, Randy Williams

The first name or few at each position would be good enough to start for some combined teams, so that speaks to the strength and depth of the 25-man roster. Is there anyone I sent down to the minors who would make your roster? How would your lineup look?