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Friars Rip A Hole In Sox 4-1

San Diego opened up the series against the "other" Chicago team with a win.

David Banks

Today the Padres scored in a delicious Home Run - Wild Pitch - Home Run sandwich that the White Sox lovingly handed to us. A stellar outing from Ian "K" Kennedy guaranteed the win to kick off the final series of May.

Three straight innings of a back-and-forth game of "who could get out the fastest" promptly ended with a leadoff solo HR from Cameron Maybin, his very first of the season, and John Danks had a front-and-center spot to watch it blast and sail into the left field bleachers.

Daddy Long-Legs plays long ball and pops a terribly easy pitch for a solo HR, turning it into a souvenir.

With Kennedy sticking it to the Sox through the third, it would end up being a wild pitch that plated Conor Gillaspie to give Chicago their tying run (which otherwise would have been a shutout). Ian struck out 9 in six innings, only walking three. He matched a great start against the more bear-like of the Chicago teams, where he also threw 6 innings striking out 6 and also only allowing one earned run.

John Danks, not to be outshined by Kennedy, threw his own wild pitch into the dirt with Carlos Quentin up to bat. Rene Rivera took advantage of Danks' impression and scored to take the lead that wouldn't be challenged for the rest of the night. Quentin seemed either bummed out that he wasn't the one to get the RBI, or stoked that he at least wasn't pegged for the millionth time.

Quentin waving home Rivera with excitement. More than likely because Rene was going to score, but probably more-so because the wild pitch wasn't planted on his tree-trunk thighs.

Kennedy pushed all the way to the 7th uncontested, and Yonder Alonso tacked on his fourth home run of the season for a little two-run insurance. Then the 1-2-3 punch of Nick Vincent, Joaquin Benoit, and Huston Street threw out the dirty off-white Sox like a load of laundry. That save keeps Street top three in the league in saves, going 16 for 16.

And for those who were keeping track at home, tonight the opposition scored 11 runs less than our last game.

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An active gamethread today; dirtied a little by jodes scoring the only rec by posting cringy Alonso fedora gifs.