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Quiz: Padres with 30 doubles in a season


Twenty-nine different Padres have hit 30 or more doubles in a season a total of 55 times. Eleven of those 29 did it more than once; for the first hint I've listed how many seasons each player has under his belt. The second hint, which will likely be the more helpful of the two, is which year(s) they did the deed.

Once you're through, don't forget to log your results in the poll below. Feel encouraged to use the comments section to discuss the ones you got, the ones you missed, the ones you thought would be there but weren't, or anything relevant to the quiz. Just be sure to utilize the spoiler-alert black-bar feature over players' names so the quiz doesn't get ruined for anyone who hasn't taken it yet. It's happened before and isn't hard to prevent, so be respectful.

Now that all that's out of the way, it's time for bidness. Go!