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Modern mock-ups of Padres uniforms in retro colors

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Of those that want to Bring Back the Brown and gold, I'm in the minority.  I don't want a modern take on the old uniforms.  I'd prefer if the Padres would just choose any retro uniform from 1969-1989 and wear the hell out of them, but that's not going to happen and I realize that.  The important thing is that we first agree to return the team to its true colors and then worry about the uniform design.

Part of the reason I don't like the the idea of the modern uniform is that the fan created uniforms that I've seen floating around the internet just aren't my cup of tea.  I've been sent several over the past couple of months and I'll share them with you now.

  • I met Geoff L. from Soulcake at a Christmas party this past year and he enthusiastically showed me his uniform ideas.  I told him then that I'm not crazy about the name change to Los Padres or the new logo font, but respect the drastic and daring changes.  I see a lot of fans wearing a similar jersey to the one pictured that looks like the current alternate except in brown. I'm not sure where they're getting these, but I wish they'd stop.

    Click through to see Soulcake's full uniform set.

    San Diego Padres Refresh | Soulcake Creative

    Soulcake’s evolution of the Padres’ identity brings modernity and strength to the brand in a way that communicates area demographics and San Diego’s distinctive style of Southern California baseball.



  • John B. sent me a uniform set that he designed.  I'm sure you've seen it, it's been making the rounds in the last few months.  I like the that he's using a retro Padres font, because I think the current one is hideous.  I'm not a fan of the gray away or alternate jerseys either; again they look too much like the current away and alternate that I can't stand.  I think a better solid brown jersey can be made and has been in the early 80s.



  • The Bring Back the Brown crew designed a modern mock-up in 2011.  It's basically one of the PCL Padres uniform with a color swap.

    I didn't like this one at first glance but as I'm looking at it now I can't point to something that I specifically don't like.  I tend to think that the uniform needs a third accent color though, which in our case would have to be orange.  Just as long as they don't mix brown and blue, I think I can be appeased.  I must say that as far as pinstripes go, I like the 85-89 uniforms the best.

  • One more set that was just sent to me.  It looks like it's a straight color swap of the current uniforms, which is definitely an improvement as far as I'm concerned.

    San Diego Padres Jersey History: Made-Up Stuff

    I'm officially throwing in my hat with the "Bring Back the Brown" crowd. The below set incorporates most of the current logo set, but switches the colors to Brown and Gold. Orange is used sparingly as an accent color. I feel this gives this uniform set some originality and flair, while keeping it tasteful and commercially viable in the modern world.


Anyway, these are just my opinions and they don't matter much in the big scheme of things.  I know a lot of you like these alternatives and let's be honest, almost anything is better than the uniforms the Padres have worn for the past 14 years.  Like I said, I think the important decision now is to agree to return to brown and gold and we'll sort the rest out later, but that's me.