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Pads 4, Dbacks 3; Medica Settles The Score

The Padres stayed persistent tonight and kept themselves above the lowly Diamondbacks, splitting the series.

Norm Hall

It was a good night in Arizona for Padres fans. The Friars took leads today and, more importantly, kept those leads. A perfectly fine six innings from Eric Stults, and bringing in the guaranteed win-machine Huston Street, is what locked up a win for the boys tonight.

A solo HR in the bottom of the second from the opposition kicked things off offensively for the rematch at Chase Field. In similar fashion to last night, the Padres would retort in the following inning in the form of RBI singles from Chris Denorfia, Chase Headley, and Tommy Medica. Now in the past 3 games since being reintroduced to the starting lineup Medica has 5 hits and 2 RBI's in 7 at bats, hitting for a .714 AVG and a 2.000 OPS.

Denorfia puts the Friars on the board with a disrespectful shot up the middle. Cabrera to score.

The 3-2 game would push into the seventh inning until Gerardo Parra would tack on a run with an RBI single of his own. Once 3-3, a poorly timed reach from Yasmani Grandal for a pitch up-and-in-the-box resulted in having his glove hand clobbered by the swing from Paul Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt would consequentially reach first on the "interference", and have Yasmani pulled from the game and replaced by Rene Rivera.

Grandal catches more than a strike on a high pitch from Torres. Which is impressive considering how gotdang hard his hand was hit.

Yasmani was a little more than upset, and realistically pessimistic waiting for the medical results of the injury; but an x-ray quickly revealed that no bones were harmed in the making of that play. A bit scary for a team that just recently chopped a reserve catcher off their team.

Yaz was less than thrilled about putting on a runner at the cost of his best looking hand.

It only took half an inning before superhero Medica got another chance to de-scale the slithery Arizonians, blasting a solo go-ahead shot into the left field stands. That's his second home run of the season in a very limited 38 at bats. With a good night for the San Jose native, the Padres would ride that 4-3 lead into victory.

Medica coasts the game-deciding home run into a pile of unwilling Diamonback fans.

Kevin "The Quack" Quackenbush filled in for an inning, redeeming himself with no-hit baseball, and Huston Street mopped up the remains (as usual) locking in a 15th straight save in 15 opportunities. Street is still one of the top five league leaders in saves, despite the lack of opportunities compared to his peers, and the only top performer with a perfect record so far (knock knock).

The rest of the NL West ended up looking pretty fresh today, leaving the Diamondbacks with the only loss in the division and freezing the Padres' progress despite the win. Tomorrow we get to see Tim Stauffer ideally bust out another eleven-run crazyday as we end our desert visit a lil' bit early at 6:40 PM PST.

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