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Padres GM Josh Byrnes talks Hundley trade, minor leagues for Gyorko and Cashner recovery

My notes.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Byrnes interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Having three catchers wasn't the ideal roster construction.  It was pretty clear that the team had Yasmani Grandal and Rene Rivera ahead of Nick Hundley as far as playing time and a lot of that was due to defense.  There wasn't that many opportunities to move Hundley.  "I was a little surprised it took this long."  The decision to send money in the trade had to be explained to ownership.
  • A number of positions players haven't performed to a reasonable level.  The pitching who has performed has been stricken with injuries.  "I think we've proven that we're close.  I think we're frustrating because we can't get past being close and winning more."
  • Commenting on reports of Byrnes' and Bud Black's jobs being in jeopardy doesn't accomplish a whole lot.  It's not going to distract people.  Byrnes went to talk to Black about the rumors.  It's not a good thing if the GM and Manager don't talk honestly to each other.  They work well together.
  • Byrnes isn't sure if Carlos Quentin will be in the line up today.
  • Swinging early in the count wasn't done by design.  There's reasons to swing early, you need to swing at strikes and take balls.
  • Byrnes isn't happy with the player's approach at the plate.  "No, not really."  The team doesn't hit enough singles, they are trying to do too much.
  • Byrnes is satisfied with the message being communicated by the hitting coach, but he won't give a job evaluation in public.
  • Byrnes would consider sending Jedd Gyorko down to the minor leagues.  "Sometimes you do it, and you do it because a player isn't playing as well as he can.  Sometimes it's a mental break."  Another player has to be ready to come in and take those at bats.  When asked if Byrnes would consider Gyorko specifically he answered "I wouldn't say no".
  • Byrnes is okay with Kevin Quackenbush being used in a closer situation on the road.
  • Andrew Cashner is with the team. He responded well to throwing.  They are hoping to have him active shortly after his 15 days on the DL expires.
  • Robbie Erlin has shown improvement but not at the rate that Cashner did.  In the next 5-7 days they'll hope to relieve Erlin's symptoms.